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v 寫(xiě)作題目

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on why students should be encouraged to develop effective communication skills. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

v 寫(xiě)作提綱

第一段:引出觀(guān)點(diǎn)——背景交代(培養有效的溝通技巧成為熱點(diǎn)話(huà)題)+論據支撐(據調查,幾乎每個(gè)參與者都認為溝通技巧非常重要)+個(gè)人觀(guān)點(diǎn)(個(gè)人認為強化溝通技巧對學(xué)生的發(fā)展會(huì )帶來(lái)巨大的影響)。

第二段:具體分析(總分結構)——分析重要的原因:其一,培養良好的溝通技巧會(huì )給學(xué)生的學(xué)業(yè)表現和未來(lái)的成功帶來(lái)積極影響;其二,良好的溝通技巧可以幫助學(xué)生擴大朋友圈。



Recently, developing effective communication skills has come into sight as a heated topic in education, which successfully attracts great attention of both teachers, parents and students. As is shown by a survey, nearly 100% of participants think that communication skills are of great importance. And I also hold the view that enhancing this kind of skills will exert huge effects on students’ development.

In theory, many factors may account for my consideration, but the following two are crucial. To begin with, good communication skills will bring a positive impact on students’ learning and future success. For example, it can help students better to communicate with teachers and classmates, which will enable them to acquire more and more knowledge and improve themselves. In the long term, having a good communication skills can suit students to better blend with the new work environment and gain success in the job field. In addition, the ability of effective communication provides students with a fabulous chance to expand their circles of friends, which will be conducive to both their study and life.

Based on the above discussion, it is advisable for students to improve their communication skills. Only in this way, can they have a more bright future.

l 聽(tīng)力解析

v 聽(tīng)力原文

W: This is unbelievable. [1] Unlike any video game I've ever played before, it's so boring, yet so relaxing at the same time. How did you hear about this driving simulator?

M: My brother introduced it to me last year. [2] I was surprised to find how educational and realistic it was. It’s called Euro Truck Simulator, but they have other versions as well for America and so on. I was really drawn to the scenery. The routes go through parts of the country you don't normally see as a tourist.

W:Yeah, I can see that. It seems so simple, just transporting cargo from point A to point B, driving

from one city to another. [3] But I really appreciate all the details that go into the game. It's even given me a new appreciation for the logistics industry and traffic on the road.

M: I completely agree. My brother also introduced me to some videos of someone that streams their game online. It was fascinating to watch, really. This guy drove very carefully,obeyed all the road signs and traffic rules-such a contrast to most violent games.

W: Honestly, playing has inspired me to look into the industry more. I've read articles about how self-driving trucks may soon be available and could greatly impact cargo logistics. Considering all that goes into driving these larger vehicles, it's amazing that we could soon have that kind of


M: Ha. I've got one step further. I registered to take a safe driving course to improve my real-life

driving skills. In a way, I feel like I have a head start compared to other students in the class.

Playing this video game has given me some maneuvering practices already.

W: I'm not sure how accurate the video game is compared to real-life situations. [4] But if it results in more drivers looking both ways before entering an intersection, I'd say that's a positive outcome.

Questions 1 to 4 are based on the news report you have just heard.

Q1: What are the speakers mainly talking about?

Q2: What does the man say about the driving simulator?

Q3: What does the woman say she really appreciates?

Q4: What outcome does the woman expect from the driving simulator?


1. B)項意為:電子游戲。首題關(guān)注對話(huà)開(kāi)頭,說(shuō)話(huà)的女士開(kāi)篇第二句話(huà)就直接點(diǎn)明了對話(huà)的主題。B)項原詞復現。

2. A)項意為:他發(fā)現它具有指導意義和真實(shí)性。第2段第二句educational和A)項instructive同義替換,realistic原詞復現。

3. C)項意為:模擬駕駛的細節。第3段第三句the game和C)項driving simulator同義替換,details原詞復現。

4. B)項意為:更多人安全駕駛。最后一段末句, but邏輯詞處命題, more drivers looking both ways before entering an intersection 與B)項句意一致,是句型的替換。

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